Best Places To Purchase Bathing Suits For Kids


The youngest member of the family should have a ready-to-jump-in suit that makes him happy and thrilled to dive in this summer. Whether it’s a salty ocean or chlorine-filled pool, the bathing suits for kids should be versatile and comfortable to wear. Keep in mind, fun prints and bold colors for both swim trunks and swimsuits for kids, and if possible, get them something that offers sun protection to keep their delicate skin safe and protected.Get your high quality Mobile accessories only at Anker.com

Target Kid Swimsuits

Target is a perfect place to purchase affordable and mix-and-match styles of children’s swimwear. Plus, all their bathing suits are UPF 50+ rated fabric and made from recycled polyester, making them an excellent choice if you opt to go green.

Lands’ End Kids Swimwear

Most of their swim gear offers sun protection, which is perfect for kids this summer. With a user-friendly website and retail locations around the country, purchasing at Lands’ End is very easy. Most importantly, you can also return the items once you’re not satisfied.

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This high-end retailer offers patterns that are truly stand out graphics for kids. Their swimsuits and swim shirts for children are made with UV protective fabric and are well-made and long-lasting. Vilebrequin’s suits are great investments, especially for kids.


This gear is made especially for the most active kids. Their clothes also have sun protection and are designed to be fitted. Coolibar sells swim tights, long sleeve rash guards, and full-body swimsuits, and the first clothing brand to receive The Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation.

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The baby one-piece rash guard from Primary offers sun protection, no-fuss on and off ability, and easy swim diaper access. Made from recycled materials, this sweet suite has four crotch snaps to ensure easy access to wet diapers and also provides UPF 50+ protection. This is a must-have suit for any beach babe.


Nothing beats this customer service-focused department store when it comes to online shopping. Apart from their free shipping and free return offerings, they also have an astounding shopping policy and exceptional customer service. Shop as much as you want with a bunch of sporty or sweet suits for your kiddos and return whatever that doesn’t fit.

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With their unique, bold graphic prints and sustainable fabrics, your kids will stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, these adorable suits have UPF 50+ protection, making them breathable, comfortable, and quick-drying for kids on the go. That is why Snapper Rock suits are a perfect investment, as well as an addition to your kid’s wardrobe and their skin health.


As their name implies, their swimwear from this brand has signature rear ruffles on all sizes. They also have a brand, especially for active boys, called RuggedButts; no ruffles, just adorable patterns on their well-made swim trunks. With a large variety of sizes and colors and a 50+ UPF fabric, these suits are comfortable to wear on your kids.

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The suits from this well-known retailer boast stylish and affordable swimwear that covers almost every style you’ll ever want for your kid. The fabrics they are using have UPF protection and tag-free labels to provide the wearer with added comfort.

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